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Selling printed merchandise is big business in South Africa with the many holidays and themes one can choose from. Done right, it can become a great way to make extra cash and to create a successful business. Some of our resellers make as much as R20 000 monthly WITHOUT BUYING STOCK. EVER.

How does it all work

Dropshipping with us is pretty simple
1. You find products from us you want to sell
2. You sell the products at a mark up price WITHOUT BUYING STOCK either by creating a store on our platform or through your owm socials
3. When somebody buys the products, you simply pay for the product from us at a discount price, keep the profit and we send the product straight to your customer 

The 5 step process below outlines how it works

STEP 1: Register with us and start advertising

Once you register on our website to become a reseller, we will create an account and a free store for you and send you a discount code that you can use when placing orders with us.

To start selling you need to create a way to show the products you decided to sell to your clients. You can do this by using the FREE store you get when registering or by creating a Facebook or Instagram page or website or even by simply contacting your customers. Whatever you feel best works. You can sell all the items on our site, or select those you want even adding your own print designs you want to sell. You can decide on your selling price. This will determine how much profit you make. Pricing too high will reduce the number of customers and too low will reduce your profit margins. You make the decision.

You have two options on how to place orders
Option 1: Set up your reseller store for FREE and add any of the products you want to sell, Your clients then place orders directly on this website. Your clients buy at the full price and we pay back the profit to you
Option 2: You order for your clients on our website ( using your discount code which gives you 20% off all your orders.

Registering is at just R89/month.  All available products can be seen online at

Remember to add the standard shipping cost of R99 for us to send the order out to anywhere in South Africa. If your customer is around our production space, we do offer pick up for free so your customer does not need to pay for delivery


STEP 2: Order placed - Send order details to us

YAY! Your advertising has paid off and you have an order.

If your customer orders directly on your reseller store, you don't need to do any work we will receive the order. If they ordered in any other way, You can place the order on the Wheel A Trend Website using your discount code.

The delivery address on the order will be used as the address to send the order to, if courier is paid. So if you want it to go directly to the customer enter the customers address and make sure you select the delivery option. If the customer decides they will rather pick up you do not need to enter the receiving address on the order


STEP 3: We process your order

We have the order details now. We will process your order and an email will be sent once the order is completed or if we have any queries on the order.


STEP 4: Your order is sent out

Once the order is completed, we will send out the products to the specified address or send you an email to come collect the order. If the customer will collect they can come collect at this point. We will also send you an email containing the tracking number for the order for you to track until it arrives if sent out.


STEP 5: Your customer receives the order

You have successfully placed and had your order at your customers door. You can continue to grow your brand by focusing on sales and communicating with your customers while we focus on getting quality products out to your customers.

We now ensure that your products have your brand name and take pictures of the products.

Join 844 other resellers


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“Print A Trend is the perfect collaboration tool we needed to be able to empower our resellers to grow and start their businesses in the competetive online space. You simply can't run an online store without an actual online shop. Print A Trend answers that for us”

Earnings and Financial stability!

There are so many ways to sell with Print A Trend. Whether it's online with our website, using your own website, or through social media, you'll find a way that's right for you. Fitting selling around your lifestyle and spending as little or much time as you like. We are continously working on platforms to make selling easier for you. You can manage your sales and profits on the go.


Sell on your terms

Choose products to sell and the sale price.

Sell custom products

Easily add designs to our wide range of products and add to your store to start selling. All your products are branded with your own personalised label

Dropshipping and Fulfillment

You focus on selling and advertising your custom products and we will handle all printing and sending out your orders with personalised labels to your customers.



was R199 is now R 89 /month
  • - Access to selling all products
  • - 20% discount on all prices
  • - Products branded with your personalised label
  • - Products packaged in lace bags
  • - Can create online store

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